Our Restoration Approach

At Radar we never compromise with restoration. Each piece we bring to Australia receives the amount of time it deserves. A 25 to 30 step restoration process can be required, involving skilled preparatory work such as dowel and joinery attention, joinery repair, hand sanding with ultra fine grades of sandpaper, re-veneering where necessary, blemish removal, advanced colour matching and an applied finish and seal.

We provide a variety of finishes to furniture with our favourite being a natural-shellac French polish finish. We shy away from synthetic finishes and use as many natural products as possible.

With upholstery work, we faithfully re-upholster all fabric and leather pieces with respect to their history and original craftsmanship, to provide an attractive and enduring look. It is a constant challenge to match the standard of work carried out 50 years ago.

Restoring and upholstering a piece well enhances its value for the future. Come and see the Radar difference.